Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brooke Neal #9 Blacksticks

Brooke Neal

5 facts about Brooke:
1. She is a Blackstic Hocky Player Number #9,
2. She went to the 2016 Olympic Games,
3. She has a brother called Shay, that also went to the 2016 Olympic Games
4. She is taller than Shay but he does not like to talk about it
5. When they were little Shay used to put Brooke up against the living room and whack tennis balls at her. Shay said that might be why she ended up being a defeneder in her team.

The 3 Olympic values Brooke spoke about were:
1. Respect
2. Excellence
3. Friendship

My goals for my future are:
To do the best I can in my future.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016



Calm, soft water pushes its way through the rocky reef,
I scramble my way through the treacherous seaweed.
Seeing two orange, pointy things sticking out from under the rock, I swam to see what they were, I was curious!

Taking a breath I dived under. The clear salt water surrounded me as I kicked my way down to the bottom to take a peek. As I got to the bottom, I looked underneath the hole in the rock… red antennae swayed with the surge of the tide.

I saw something…
I watched as something big approached from underneath the rock. I could just picture it in the darkness of the reef… it really was a Crayfish!!

Aunty Jessie

Aunty Jessie

“Oooh baby baby, I love you, you’re my sweet little girl.”
The charming sound of singing, pulling me closer.

You are my hummingbird.” I think dreamly.
The beautiful sounds of singing, rush through my ears as I walk around the bend.
“Aunty Jess.” I say calmly.
Cuddling up together, we sing and sing and sing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Persuasive Writing

If you would like to see my Persuasive writing to the IOC, click here.

Friday, August 12, 2016


“I feel sick!” I moaned.
Waiting for a reply I sat down impatiently.
Sore throat…
“I have to work today” said Mum.
“No.” I thought horribly.

Slowly I walked to the lounge and slipped underneath the warm blanket. I watched the world go by and thought about the horrible day ahead of me.

“You can go to the sick bay if you are feeling really sick honey” Mum said.

“Ok Mum.” I croaked sadly.